Hi, I’m Emma.


I started the Green Angel Trading Company more than 20 years ago, and I am still rooted in my belief that Eco-friendly, fair-traded, natural and organic products are important for people and for the planet.


My love of retail has kept me interested in finding a variety of special products to keep everyone happy. It has always been my hope that my shop, and the products I sell, will bring a “slice of heaven” to my customers. I look at myself and my role in my business as a true and traditional shopkeeper, in every positive sense of the word. 

Personal. Ethical. Value. Quality. Community. Local.

I see this new on-line shopping option as a natural offshoot of my business. I hope that in my shop and online you will continue to find the products you and your family and friends love.


For me, my shop is my haven and my creative outlet. It brings me great joy and satisfaction. My shop makes me feel positive and vibrant. It is my hope that your experience of shopping at The Green Angel Trading Company—whether online or in-store, will evoke similar feelings in you.