10 Washable Make-Up Removal Bamboo Pads
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10 Washable Make-Up Removal Bamboo Pads

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WASHABLE & REUSABLE: The make-up removal pads made of 70% bamboo viscose & 30% cotton for your daily facial cleansing are particularly soft and cuddly to remove makeup, sunscreen and cosmetics successfully without any discomfort.
 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE: Naturally compostable and free of plastics - the sustainable, ecological and resource-saving alternative to disposable pads.
PRACTICAL: 10 pieces of the reusable cosmetic pads in a practical cotton wash bag with metal closure for at home or when traveling. An unbeatable price-performance ratio, because in the long run the washable make-up removal pads are much cheaper than conventional cotton pads.
NATURAL & VEGAN: Made from renewable and sustainable resources - without plastics, solvents or materials of animal origin. For an environmentally friendly zero-waste bathroom!
STYLISH: The washable make-up removal pads are packed plastic-free in a recyclable and beautifully designed box. They are also great as a practical and sustainable gift for a friend.