Charcoal Bamboo Konjac Sponge
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Charcoal Bamboo Konjac Sponge

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A deep, 100% natural cleansing for the blemished and/or greasy skin type using just water.

Gently removes dead skin cells, water-based make-up, and impurities.

The unique structure based on plant fibres stimulates the blood circulation and cell renewal process. For a radiant and healthy skin.

The Bamboo Charcoal was specially developed for the sensitive, blemished, and greasy skin and is enriched with active Bamboo charcoal that absorbs excess sebum and impurities.

Efficiently removes blackheads and exfoliates gently.

The natural antioxidant helps to fight bacteria that can cause acne.

How to Use 

Soak the dry, hard sponge in (luke) warm water and apply circular movements to gently massage your face, around your eyes, or other body parts. If you want, you can add some natural facial cleanser.
The Konjac Sponge lasts for several weeks. In between use, hang the sponge in a dry place to extend its effectiveness.